jeff leibow
actor • singer • dancer • voice over • producer
"Leibow (Massi) is a superb wiseguy who retains a consistency without becoming a cartoon."
about "Jersey Boys" at The Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas
Phil Gallo, Variety
"Jeff Leibow...has great confidence on the stage and glides in and out of despair and happiness with little effort. Leibow makes this tale relatable."
about "Putting It Together" at SF Playhouse
Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron
"Ewing and Leibow sing nonstop for nearly 90 minutes and handle Brown's stylistic shifts from pop to rock, from country to art song while keeping tightly connected to their characters and to each other."
about "The Last Five Years" at Playhouse West
Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

Latest News

After 7 years and 2,726 performances, Jeff hung up his "Nick Massi" costumes. Jersey Boys was an amazing experience for Jeff, and he was honored to be a part of it, but it was time for something new.

He'll be spending his time pursuing a career in film/TV and voice over as well as finding more time for song writing, but he's most excited about joining NF Network to produce his wildly successful NF Hope Concert (an annual event inspired by his daughter) around the country. Keep an eye out for Jeff's next projects!



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