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Jeff's First Single
"Let's See What Love's Gonna Say"
Airs on The Highway Vibe!!!
Get your pre-release copy HERE!

nfhopeJeff's first single, titled "Let's See What Love's Gonna Say" had not even been released when Bart Torres from The Highway Vibe aired it during an interview with Jeff on Friday, June 21. Just a couple of minutes after the song had its on-air debut, Bart's phone began to ring inquiring about Jeff's song...the result, Highway Radio liked his song so much, they have decided to add it to their regular FM rotation!!!

So, tune in to The Highway Vibe (99.7 in Las Vegas, 98.1 in Southern California or 98.9 outside of Vegas) and you can hear "Let's See What Love's Gonna Say" (co-written by Jeff and Mark Vogel, who also produced the single).

To get updates on other stations playing Jeff's song as well as up-to-date info on the release date for "Let's See What Love's Gonna Say" come back to or follow Jeff on Twitter.

The single will be available on iTunes and Amazon in just a couple of weeks, until then listen to The Highway Vibe! You can also here a replay of Jeff's interview with Bart Torres at The Las Vegas Connection!

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